African Palace-Worst online jackpot pokies provider

This article will be dedicated to one of the worst online jackpot pokies casinos out there. I highlighted online jackpot pokies due to many wrongdoings among which is their worst one is, not paying jackpotMax-Damage-Slot-Machine1 win (but more about that later).

First complains and first issues with African palace online casino were connected to payouts. In a year of existence they were late to over thousands of dollars in payment. Contacting support is futile, because they are not willing to listen to complains about unresolved issues. But on the other hand if you are contacting them about deposits you will get five star services with a cherry on the top.

Many players have decided that their payouts will never come, while some are still hoping after several years of waiting. This casino is blacklisted on almost all sites that are doing reviews of online casinos. The main issue with African Casino is that you will win while playing their games and you will win big, but you will be unable to withdraw that money. Some players have reported settlements in which they came to an agreement in which the casino would pay the requested money in monthly installments. But they went and broker every agreement they made.

Refusing to pay out bonuses once their requirements are fulfilled is another fraud this casino is guilty of. There are dozens of examples but I will list just one. Player fulfilled requirements for the bonus and earned 1 600 dollars on top of that and which he requested a withdrawal of that money. After that he received an email from African Palace in which they stated that he didn’t complete that requirement in true spirit and due to that his money will be confiscated. As they said those promotions are for loyal players only. So, playing to get the bonus money and withdrawing it is against the rules.

In reality you have to options with bonuses, either you fulfill their requirements or not, there isn’t anything else. The issue was in the player (and he isn’t only one) winning some money and then withdrawing it, which is not allowed in this casino.

And now we come to jackpot. A lady from South Africa won 8.5 millions of dollars on a jackpot on African Palace KC_Jungle-Lagoon_header_1200x800site. After several weeks and lack of payment of that money she contacted African Palace support where she asked for payment of her money. Representative of African Palace told her that her attitude is bad and that she will not get any money from that jackpot win (she got sever thousands before that). News of this gained national coverage but that didn’t influence anything. As African Palace representative said to the lady, they are international (oversees) organizations and there are no lawyers that can touch them.

This online casino still exists after some kind of buyout in which that casino changed ownership. In reality, nothing changed, there are still complains of players that are not wise enough to do some research into the online casino they invest their money in.

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iPhone pokies – Get Started!

Pokies or also called poker machines, are very interesting way to spend your time, have fun and maybe even earn iphone-gamessome money. In these conditions that fast lifestyle provides us with, it is really hard to make time for having fun and spending a whole day in a casino is not a thing you can do often. This is why people invented online and mobile pokies. Using these applications instead of the real poker machines can be a lot easier, firstly, you do not have to spend your time on traveling or in casino, and you do not necessarily need to spend your money in it, instead you can download the application through your iPhone App Store and play pokies for free or for money, depending on which option you prefer. This possibility saves your time, your money, and you are able to play pokies whenever you have free time, even while waiting in lines, or waiting for bus.

We already mentioned that you can play pokies for free or for money if you want. Free to play applications are designed only for fun, and placing the bets and wagers in real money is not an option, this means you cannot earn money playing this type of pokies, this applications often have an option to link your account with other social networks accounts and share your scores with other players. Motivation for this kind of pokies can be your competitive spirit, these games often have some kind of awards such as trophies and badges that allows you to brag to your social network friends or followers.

Opposite of these free to play applications are real money iphone pokies. If you prefer this option, than you will need to look for the online casino that suits you the most and chose the right game for you. Real money pokies iphonepokiesare not available for download at your iPhone Store due to strict rules and regulations in different countries, that does not mean that you cannot play this pokies at all, on contrary, you can visit an iphone pokies website, register on it and download your game from this site, or you can play it online on your mobile phone. Registering probably won’t be able if real money pokies are forbidden in your country. In every case real money pokies are forbidden for minors. When opening your account for a real money game, you will probably have to provide your online casino with your personal information and deposit some money.

The thing that attracts people to play real money pokies is the ability of earning money in the process. Having fun and earning money, who would not want that? Also attractive bonus options and free spins, as well as deposit bonuses may be the reason for playing these pokies, different types of promotion and opportunity to deposit money once and then using bonus deposits can be pretty good motivation for playing. Also if you are lucky enough you can get enormous amount of money for a prize instead of award you can share with your friends on Facebook.

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Online pokie machines

Slot-machine-online-i-migliori-trucchi-per-vincere.Even the technology developed so far in modern times, pokie machines still remained the same, no matter if we talk about classic pokie machines in real casinos or online casino pokies. The goal of the game is to get the same symbols or the combination of special symbols in one paying line. Every payout line has its own payout rate, from single coin all up to milions of coins.

All online pokie machines are made of reels that are spinning up and down so they are stopped on one symbol. Every online pokie game can have 1 to 25 lines of payout, and the winning line can be any line that is made of symbols that represents a winning line. Those winning lines can be horizontal, diagonal or even curved, depending on which online pokie you preffer to play. Make sure you have informed yourself about payout table on the pokie game you are interested in to play, because many of them require you to set up the lines and the bets before starting to spin the rells.

To check out the payout table on every online pokie machine you might need to click on some button to open the table. Payout table will show online-slotsyou all possible winning combinations and prizes you are gaing if you get one of those combinations – for instance, if your bet is 1$ and the prize is 10x, you will get 10$ if you get that symbols in bet lines. On some online pokie machines, higher the bet, higher will the prize be, so if you for instance take 10$ bet, some combinations will double or triple if you get it on the line. One of the basic rules of all pokie games is that playing on higher bets increases the possibility of winning high payouts.
Straight pokie machines payout specific prize for specific table of payout. Prize amount will always be familiar to the player, because there is no much options and variables in this pokie games, just classic spinning and hitting the chance of the game for win.

Progressive jackpot online pokies gives player a chance of winning really big amount of money, because it is mostly global jackpot for many casinos, so sometimes the winning pot of global jackpot rises up to milions of dollars. Multi spin pokies give player a chance to keep the reels he thinks will lead to good line, and then to respin the rest of unkeeped reels. If there are no any possible winning option, just spin the whole reels again to get some payout line.

free-slot-machine-gamesThere is obvious difference between spinning reels online pokies and online video pokies, no matter they all look the same and play on the same way, and are offered in straight pokie games and progressive jackpot pokie games. Pokie games with reels usually contain 3 reels and only 1 to 5 payout lines max. Online video pokies, on the other hand, contains 5 reels, and could have up to 40 payout lines, sometimes even more. Online video pokies tend to offer large choice of bets and stake, because there are so many payout lines. Considering that, playing this type of pokies might cost the player more money, but also, it can lead the player to bigger winnings because more lines are covered for more winning chance.

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Mobile Pokies

First of all we would like to start by introducing you to a word pokie.
Pokie is a word that originated from poker, and its primarily used in Australia. It’s meant to describe any slot banner-1170-450-002-1024x394-1024x394machine.

There are numerous kinds of pokie machines and they are highly addictive due to how fun they are, and of course if you play for money, due to how much money you can earn by winning. Slot machines are actually designed for gambling, not gambling like poker where you compete with other players as well, but more like a test of luck.
There are a lot of different pokie games, but the most popular ones are Konami Aristocrat, 100 Pandas, 5 Dragons and Cleopatra.

These games are a lot of fun and more and more people are playing it, but going to a ground based casino can be a lot of trouble. Sometimes you simply live far away from a casino and you can’t be bothered to go, or maybe you came into a casino and each and every one of your favorite machines are already taken. Now, with the progress of technology, you can bypass all of these problematic aspects of pokies and simply play them online. All you have to do to play them online is to have a mobile phone.

casino-get-moving-300x163Whether you have an iphone or an android phone, it doesn’t really matter, all it matters is that you can connect to the internet and you’re ready to go. If you’re willing to gamble and try and make money, you will have to access the certain website designed for online pokies, make an account, connect it to your bank account or something like paypal and you’re ready to go. But if you’re more of a leisure gamer and simply love pokies for what they are, aside from the potential prize, then you can download the app to your phone and simply play them whenever you want.
For real gamblers, if this idea interests you, visit one of these websites and test your luck. Experience online pokies and you will never want to go to a ground based casino again. The websites which are best rated by its users are Leo Vegas, Casino Room, Jackpot City, Lucky nugget.

Since there are a lot of different pokie machines, the best way to start is by testing each of them without the money first. It’s important to see which one suits you the most before you get serious and go all in on one of them. Besides the one favorite pokie machine, a lot of pokie machines have side features. So if you don’t like your odds on some of them, maybe the features will be a better option. Finding a feature that has 50% chance of winning with only x2 winning potential might prove a lot more fruitful than the one with 1% chance and 100x winning potential.

If you’re a beginner, definitely make sure you test some of these games for free first before you decide to spend any money.

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Types of online pokies

Slots_TipsPokies are among the most popular casino games, not only in traditional casinos, but also on the Internet, on online casino websites. There are millions of pokies players all around the world, and the availability of this game online seems to have created even more of them. In addition to online pokies, which can be played either through a browser or through software installed ona PC, there are also all kinds of Android or iPhone pokies games, which can be played on all sorts of mobile devices.

Online and mobile pokies provide the players with a wide variety of games – there are classic retro pokies machines, online-pokies (1)where you pull a virtual lever and hope for a jackpot when three reels of the game align along a horizontal line. There are also much more complex pokies games, with remarkable design and a number of options; the games with three, five or seven reels and with one to as many as twenty paylines. One of the advantages of online pokies games is that they provide much more possibilities when it comes to their design, so not only that the number of reels and paylines can differ, but the games’ appearances also vary immensely – from traditional fruit machines, over themed pokies games, to complex, overly-designed games that look more like video games that pokies machine.

As you can see, there are plenty of varieties in pokies games and their design, but there are also other criteria based on which we can divide pokies games, such as features they offer, the jackpot and the bonuses. Straight pokies – this is the most simple type of pokies games, providing no special features and no surprizes. These pokies games offer fixed jackpots for the same symbols aligned along the payline. However, there are variations of this type of pokies, and they can include: wild symbols, the Multiplier option, multiple paylines, bonus multiplier and other options.

Feature pokies – these are online pokies games that offer a range of special features, expressed in scatter symbols. These are the symbols which can appear on the screan and form certain combinations, and when it happens, you can win different prizes – additional spins, additional coins, other jackpot etc. – all depending on the game and the rules of the online casino where you play it.

Progressive pokies – these pokies are the most likely to draw the palyers back to them after a certain time, adn here is why: with these pokies, the main jackpot rises as each online online-pokies-no-depositplayer places a bet and plays the game. In traditional casinos, this is called „feeding“ the machine with coins, so the more people play,
the more coins are there and the higher the jackpot is. These jackpots can sometimes reach up to tens millions of dollars, and one of the most popular online progressive pokies is Mega Moolah.

Bonus pokies – bonus pokies are games that offer you a wide range of bonuses, depending on the combinations of symbols on the screen or some other factors. These bonuses offer you to win additional money without having to bet any.

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Online pokies

Pokies are simply an Australian name for slot machines which are mostly played online. Pokies are very popular and they are actually the most played game of chance on the online gambling sites. You can play pokies on almost every online gambling site only for fun or for real money, however you want. There are various sorts of online pokies like 2015112818242-online-pokiesCleopatra, The Book of Ra, regular fruit slots etc. Playing it is extremely fun and you should try it definitely. There are really many people online and it is a really great way for a relaxation and fun.

Pokies were invented in the ninetieth century and they are popular ever since. As the technology made their advance into the lives of modern people so the gambling expanded, as well. Nowadays you can play online gambling games and gamble in general almost anywhere in the world thanks to the Internet. I am personally sharing the belief that the online gambling is much more popular than the other ways of similar amusements. For instance, this is much easier to learn and understand rather than betting shops and what is most important that the game results are instant and you don’t have to wait few days for a simple result.

If you want to play online games like pokies, then go on some online gambling page and check it out there. For instance, you might like playing poker as well and some others sorts of gambling. Playing all sorts of these games can be really interesting and fun and you can make some money as well. You need some luck and patience and that is all. Aside from all of this you can check out all sorts of money welcome bonuses that these sites are offering. Think a little bit about these sites on which you are joining in order to get the maximum gain out of it.

One of the greatest technological advances when it comes to gambling is that you can play it on your own smartphone. This is really excellent thing and when it comes to pokies you can play it directly from your phone whether you are on holiday or not. This can really speed up the boring processes which you encounter every day. You need to download an app on your phone but that just lasts for a few minutes. If you are playing the PC version of the online pokies, then you should know that only a simple registration is required. Nonetheless playing it on your smartphone is such a thrill.

Anyway, I hope that you will enjoy playing all sorts of gambling games online because they are extremely fun. It isn’t necessary anymore to travel to the real casinos or anywhere else. You can bring the real casino to your own house with only one click. Try it out. It isn’t hard. Simply make a registration and play as much as you want. Gambling is now accessible to anybody so why don’t we enjoy it as well.

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